Supplier Development Program

This is a core service being provided by Marak. Trainers have over 40 years combined experience and can:

  • Design of specific methodologies and tools for implementing programmes in different regions and communities. 
  • Design and implementation of public policies oriented to increase the capabilities of SMEs. 
  • Recruiting, assemble and direct multidisciplinary teams and in constructing consensus among different institutions and stakeholders with distinct visions and agendas.

Design and Implement the Program

  • The supplier development program was designed and implemented successfully in several countries to gain social acceptance of indigenous communities and SMEs. The program alleviated poverty and averted project delays
  • Experience working with international and national organizations and private sector (Inter-American Development Bank (The Americas), Ford Foundation (USA), King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center (Saudi Arabia), Corporation of Enterprise Development (USA), Argentinian Government, Public University (Argentina), national NGOs, YPF (Argentina‚Äôs largest oil and gas company, 51% state own). 
  • Experience working in different countries of the continents of America, Africa and Europe.

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